Area Parish Update July 2018


Dear Friends in the Parish of South Carleton,

We are definitely into the summer groove now! We hope you get time to enjoy this season with your family and friends, taking a break to rest and renew and embracing the wonderful lazy hazy days of summer when you get a chance.
#1 - Stay hydrated! (seriously!)
#2 - Stay connected with your church family! Services continue in all four churches throughout the summer with the exception of the long weekend in August and Labour Day weekend when we will have two Sunday services in the parish (Aug. 5 – 9:00 North Gower and 10:30 Osgoode; Sept. 2 – 9:00 Kars and 10:30 Metcalfe). Another way to stay connected is to come to one of the new Midweek worship services so that you can continue your spiritual journey in new ways over the summer (7:00 p.m. a 45 min. eucharist service, alternating locations each week at Holy Trinity Metcalfe and Holy Trinity North Gower).
#3 – Please continue to contribute to the ministry of our parish over the summer as those expenses do not take a holidayJ

Area Parish News:

Grant: We have received news that The Parish of South Carleton has been approved to receive a grant of $20,000 ($10K/yr. for two years) from the Diocese of Ottawa. In the grant proposal we requested funds for the hiring of an Administrative Assistant, development of a new parish website, changes in signage to reflect the new area parish, training for lay readers and lay pastoral visitors and for participation in the new diocesan School for Parish Development. We are looking forward to moving these things forward.

Area Parish Council: A 4 hr. brainstorming and planning meeting of the Council in early June has resulted in a report that will help us with taking the next steps forward as a parish. The report will be circulated shortly. There was good energy around defining what an area parish means to us. Generally, there is a positive feeling about the first eight months of our life together. People are enjoying the combined services and social times and are looking for further ways to get to know one another better. The clergy team model has been well-received and continues to develop. In the Fall we hope to create opportunities for identifying a common mission and vision which will enable us to set some clear priorities for action.

With regard to finances, two important action items were identified including scheduling a meeting with diocesan staff to further clarify the payment schedule for our four churches and to explore possible ways of finding additional financial relief. Secondly, there is a desire to understand more fully as a Council, the financial picture of each church in the parish with the hope that we can then make decisions going forward that are in the best interest of all four churches. As a first step, we hope to get our Treasurers together to draw on their wisdom in developing a document that reflects the financial position of our parish as a whole and allows us to compare ‘apples and apples’ going forward. Increased communication will help with gathering and disseminating

information. The Area Parish Council plans to meet every second month and the Congregational Councils of each church will begin to meet every second month starting in September.

In addition, Council members expressed interest in working together as a parish on a shared project and agreed to come to the September meeting with ideas for a joint project (mission, fundraising etc.). Please let your Wardens know if you have ideas.

School for Parish Development: Four individuals from our parish are participating in this program. Rev. Carolyn, Paul Desbiens (St. Paul’s) Anne Galt (Holy Trinity NG) and Linda Ryan (St. John’s) have attended two intensive weekends thus far. We will attend 4 weekends/year for 2 years. We have already picked up some useful tools that we will be able to use in the near future to help engage the ideas, skills, strengths and commitment of our parishioners to help build up our parish and ensure its sustainability going forward.

New Website and Facebook Group - We are excited to invite you to check out

our new parish website at A big thank you to Michael Garner (our Summer Intern) for setting up the framework of our new site and getting it up and running. It is still a work in progress and will continue to grow and develop as we add content to it and personalize it. We will be directing you to the website regularly to find out information about parish services and events. Also, if you use Facebook then come join our Facebook Group called The Anglican Parish of South Carleton (Kars- Metcalfe-North Gower-Osgoode). We post lots of parish news on there as well.

Email - We send out regular communication via email. If you are not currently on our email list but would like to be then please send Rev. Carolyn a message with your email address

All ages ministry: Through Vacation Bible School, Messy Church and Messy Church On the Move we are reaching out to people of all ages to encourage your participation in the life of the church in a way that is meaningful and meets your needs. For those with young children we would like to continue to invite you and to find ways to work with you to ensure you and your family enjoy ongoing spiritual growth and have the support of a faith community in your lives. Please connect with us so we can grow in our understanding and be more effective in this area of our ministry and mission.

As you can see there are many wonderful things taking place and being planned for our parish. If you are not already, I invite you to become actively engaged so that your Wardens, Council members and Clergy are supported and encouraged in their work. The future looks bright but we need your help to bring some of these new ideas to fruition. Thank you to those who have tried something new related to our area parish and have gotten out of your comfort zone for the sake of God’s mission in our four communities. Together we can do more and I think we’re finding out that it’s actually a lot of fun!

Have a safe and happy summer!
God’s peace be with you,
Rev. Carolyn and Rev. Allan